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    WSX oryginalne okna ochronne / soczewki ochronne / szkiełka nakrywkowe 30 * 5mm do głowicy do cięcia laserowego WSX hurtowo

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    Optyczne okno ochronne
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Nd Yag 1064nm Fibre Laser Lens Laser Cutting Machine Lens with AR Coating We offer cover slides for your Fiber and YAG lasers. These optics are also known as cover glass, debris window, debris shield, and protective window and are available in various shapes and sizes. Cover slides can, at a fraction of the cost, substantially increase the lifetime of expensive lenses. We can also provide lenses for your Fiber and YAG lasers.   We can customize your products according to your requirements Specification for  Lens for laser cutting machine Material Fused silica Design Wavelength 1064nm Diameter Tolerance -0.1mm for Dia, ±0.1mm for thickness Paraxial Focus Length ±2% Centration<3 arc="" minutes="" clear="" aperture-="">85% Surface Quality 40/20 scratch and dig or better Coatings Antireflection coatings @ 1064nm HS25.4-5 Fused Silica Round 25.4 5 AR1064nm HS26.5-5 Fused Silica Round 26.5 5 AR1064nm HS27-2 Fused Silica Round 27 2 AR1064nm HS28-4 Fused Silica Round 28 4 AR1064nm HS30-1.5 Fused Silica Round 30 1.5 AR1064nm HS30-3 Fused Silica Round 30 3 AR1064nm HS30-5 Fused Silica Round 30 5 AR1064nm HS32-4 Fused Silica Round 32 4 AR1064nm HS34-3 Fused Silica Round 34 3 AR1064nm HS35-1.5 Fused Silica Round 35 1.5 AR1064nm HS36-5 Fused Silica Round 36 5 AR1064nm HS37-7 Fused Silica Round 37 7 AR1064nm HS38-1.5 Fused Silica Round 38 1.5 AR1064nm HS40-3 Fused Silica Round 40 3 AR1064nm HS40-4 Fused Silica Round 40 4 AR1064nm HS42-9 Fused Silica Round 42 9 AR1064nm HS48-3 Fused Silica Round 48 3 AR1064nm HS50-2 Fused Silica Round 50 2 AR1064nm HS55-1.5 Fused Silica Round 55 1.5 AR1064nm HS96-3 Fused Silica Round 96 3 AR1064nm HS120-5 Fused Silica Round 120 5 AR1064nm HS134-3 Fused Silica Round 134 3 AR1064nm HS145-3 Fused Silica Round 145 3 AR1064nm


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